Monday, December 21, 2009

merry bleep

i remember in past years hearing people talk about not liking the phrase "happy holidays" and wanting to keep Christ in "Christ"mas, but this year i think i have heard it more than all previous years combined.

i am not sure why we as believers expect unbelievers to see the meaning of saying "merry christmas." i do understand why many choose to not use the word christmas when speaking to a large group or to a stranger - they want to recognize the various celebrations of this season - remember, they aren't believers.

and i have to admit that i am proud and so thankful to live in a country of religious freedom; a country where we are free to worship as we wish and to observe whatever celebrations are a part of the beliefs we choose. aren't Christians so often upset that tolerance is preached but not practiced toward them? i think that may be where this opposition to the simple phrase "happy holidays" comes from. christians feel that their beliefs are under attack. i feel like a kind "happy holidays" from someone is a recoginition of the various beliefs of their fellow citizens - their attempt to actually include all beliefs and not to exclude any. of course, my hope and prayer is that all would have their eyes opened to the truth of the Bible and the forgiveness found in the blood of Jesus, but i realize that not everyone will accept the truth. and because of this realization i am not offended or upset when someone wishes me a happy holiday.

i can not expect behavior, beliefs, or actions of a believer from an unbeliever. all i can do is live out and speak out when possible the truth of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. and i can kindly accept a greeting of "happy holidays" and offer a "merry christmas" to those i come across this time of year.


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