Friday, January 7, 2011 Him continually

it's that time of year when people are setting goals for their weight, their professional lives, their organization or lack thereof...i have never been one to make new year resolutions. i think it just sets me up for disappointment when i don't follow through. this year though i did decide some things for myself.

first i intend to read the Bible through this year. i didn't just want this to be reading for the sake of reading - just reading so i can check the day off. i have tried using a one year Bible before and it doesn't last past 2 days for me. i just don't like the setup - portion from the old testament, portion from the new testament, a few verses from psalms, and a few verses from proverbs. nothing flows. the passages are often cut of in the middle of sentences. the portions in no way "go together." it was reading for the sake of reading. i just came across a Bible in a year breakdown that begins in genesis and goes straight through the Bible to revelation. i am loving it! i use the daily readings as part of my devotional time. i'm excited about reading the Bible straight through. i totally should've done it by now. would i only read a portion of a love letter my husband writes me?! i would read that sucker from beginning to end probably more than once. so why have i not cared enough to read the ultimate love letter from beginning to end???

this next thing is not really a goal but just a change i'm making. since i was a kid i have enjoyed music. honestly, i don't really know of a person that would say they don't like music. i listen to music a lot - in the car, while i'm cleaning, while i'm reading, while i shower and get ready, during playtime with my girls - music is a big part of our lives around here.

i have no personal convictions against music that is not Christian. some will argue it isn't about conviction but there is a black and white rule for what music to listen to. i don't agree - while i believe we should not listen to lyrics that are sexually charged and include profanity or other negative elements there are some good songs out there that aren't sacred. but lately i have realized that i am filling my mind and thoughts with a lot of music about things that don't matter. if i'm spending a large portion of my day listening to music wouldn't i want that music to point me to my Savior?

psalm 105:4 says, "Seek the LORD and his strength; seek his presence continually!"

there are lots of things that can change and things i can do to be continually seeking His presence. listening to music that praises Him, that reinforces His Word and that points my heart heavenward is a good place to start. and not only for myself. it is my utmost hope and desire that my children will accept the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ; that my children will recognize that all good things are from the Lord; that my children will know Who has made them and sustains them and cares for them faithfully. i want my girls' minds to be filled with Scripture and the truths of the Word. i want them to sing praises to the Maker of the universe and Savior of their souls. listening to music that is about love and music that is just fun is not going to point their little hearts to God. i want them to know that the only reason we are on this earth is to glorify the Father in Heaven. we will read the Bible together and now we will listen to music that does the same.

will i never listen to a song that isn't Christian again? i'm not saying that. if i happen to hear a song on the radio or in a store that i like i won't pretend to not hear it. i don't think these songs are necessarily "wrong." but if i am intentionally listening to music - in my car or home - it will be music that is about our faith. my life is His - i want my song to be His, too!

have you made any goals for this new year?

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