Wednesday, July 29, 2009


most will probably tell you to gain followers you probably shouldn't make your first official blog post controversial in nature. well, i decided it would be best to start weeding out those that probably won't like me early instead of disappointing anyone later. my hope is that even those that disagree will still tag along for this blogging journey of mine. a little healthy debate is always good! the motivation for this blog came after reading Minnesota Mom's thoughts on it.

let's jump right in...

it is amazing how many looks of confusion and maybe even disdain you get when someone finds out you don't use the birth control pill. yes, ladies, we are going to talk about birth control. in the beginning of our marriage my husband and i used the pill for birth control. i went off of it at almost 2 years of marriage so we could start our family. It took eight months for us to get pregnant. during my pregnancy i had high blood pressure so at my 6 week check up my doctor told me he didn't want to put me on the pill until my bp level came back down. during that time i started doing a lot of reading about various forms of contraceptives. i read about the pill, about iuds, about iucs, about natural family planning (nfp). the things i learned about hormonal contraceptive shocked me and saddened me.

birth control and the christian is a hot topic. is the pill out but condoms are in? is nfp the only way to go? is prevention of any kind against the Lord's plan for families? i know good Christians that come in on all sides of this. i am not of the mind that prevention is wrong. but after my reading i am of the mind that hormonal birth control is against the beliefs of a prolife christian. that there can be a prochoice christian doesn't make much sense to me, but i felt the need to clarify.

i will not go into all of the medical, scientific aspects of hormonal birth control because i am not that well versed in it. i do know that birth control works in THREE ways. most of us, myself at one time, believed there were only two ways - completely stopping ovulation or making it difficult/impossible for sperm to survive. there is in fact a third way bc works - it makes the uterus an uncomfortable place for a fertilized egg to implant. if you are of the mind that life begins at conception this should be troubling to you.

i want to leave this to the 'smarter' people to discuss. until minnesota mom's post the majority of anti-bc articles i read by christians were quite emotion based. this article by randy alcorn is from a christian's perspective but it includes much medical and scientific research. i strongly encourage you to read it in its entirity. there is a good bit of medical jargon but i believe that your eyes will be opened to some amazing new info.

may the Lord give you discernment as you and your husband make decisions. because in the end your decision is really between you and Him.

A Longer Condensation of Does The Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions

By Randy Alcorn

Monday, July 27, 2009

And Away We Go

well, hello.

i have never been very good at let me just get to it. i am dani. i have, in the past year, become a stay at home mom. with this new role has come a lot of messing up, crying, sleepiness, and most of all happiness. i started perusing the internet (don't you love the word 'perusing') and found a bajillion online mamas! i wanted to be a part of this community and so here i am.

i plan to use this little corner of the web to share some of my mommy moments, some of my wifey moments, and all the ways the Maker of the Universe shows Himself in all of these moments.

some things you will notice in the coming days of my bloghood - i don't like having to use the shift key so i only capitalize when talking about God; my husband will be called honey bear and my sweetie little girl will be called bug or some variation of bug; and most of my posts will be late at night after the day has calmed down and me and the husband are chillaxin before bed.

i am so looking forward to 'meeting' all of you! see you tomorrow!

one last thing...there is a blogging mama and her family that really needs our prayers right now. please pray for baby stellan and the mckinney family as stellan fights for his little life.

read about stellan's story here:

Prayers for Stellan


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